Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Dear All... would like you all to know we'll not by in Melaka from 1st to 3rd day of chinese new year.. so I might not be able to join the gathering.. But would like to wish you all...


Dinner and Airport Visit

Yes, everyone... sushi again... we went to the sushi store at dataran because shin tyan got a coupon to spend.. the things there ok ok la....

Salmon... anywhere we go sure order this for starter
They should pay me for advertisement.
Ma2 Po2 La1 Mian4
Who is this... Please ask shin tyan....hee hee..
After dinner we go airport. Actually tonight the contractor got some work to do. We just joint to see the AGL (Airport Ground Lighting)
If you guys want to know more about those light please visit Shin Tyan's Blog.
Taxi way
Parameter Light gua.. not so sure

fensing to prevent ppl like us and animals to go in.. ha ha
Me and shin tyan


Me, Shin Tyan and Lam
High Mass to flood the airoplane parking lot
Terminal from inside

p/s: Don't forget to click on picture for larger size

Family day out

Hello everyone!! I'm at Dataran Pahlawan

Mama waiting.

Mama I like this!!
Heerrrr... How can a soft thing like this fly so high...
Aloysius looking at me..
Diaper changing time.. This is why shopping mall should have diapy.

mama... everyone saw my bird bird....
ha ha ha... I don't care...
Acha acha... Hit you hit you....
bullying grandma...
lleeee... i'm the boss....
Tired face.. Time to go home...

Aloysius Baptist Finally...!!!

Me and shin tyan have long awaited for our son (Aloysius) baptist. 
The innecent look.
Getting wet.

Thank you our bishop for coming down to Melaka.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Follow the light

Check this out. Recently Shin Tyan found out that our boy like to follow the light. You see she bullying him. hee hee...
Learning to on/off the light.
He is so leng chai

Worst Dim Sum in Town

On Sunday morning we went for the dim sum near kampung lapan there. Their food is terrible. the only thing I like is the egg tart.