Thursday, February 26, 2009

Funny Pics - For brother and family

Some funny pics dedicated to my brother and family. Recently I look back my picture storage found some interesting picture of my brothers and family.
Looking for me??

Looks like Angela shouting.. ha ha..

Christmas Eve Candle Light



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Night Photography

Today don't know why feel very tired and stress. So I write my blog to release some stress.

Welcome to Melaka. I took there photo just beside the big big boat. Melaka River.
This is the entrance with 2 elephant
This is Little Misfit and his soon to be wife. He don't allow ppl to show his face online.. so.. here he is. face less.. ha ha...
The Red Dragon. Looks cool at night
This is the Melaka boat or what else you call this
And out of focus photography. Wish you all like it
And the river side

Well, it is time back to work. So chow... see you soon

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First trip to Zoo (Melaka Zoo) - Part 3/3

What do you call this? I really can't remember.
King of the crowd

Father and son

Yee Pinn and Geraldine, we join them half way.
Shot by Yee Pinn
Never stop laughing

First trip to Zoo (Melaka Zoo) - Part 2/3

Happy Aloysius and Mama
Cow again

This is a camel spotted so lonely in his compound. Looking at other animal crowd. Feeling sorry for him. Cage up and lonely

King of the Jungle
Must be very disapointed coming to Melaka Zoo

Aloysius having fun all the way through the Zoo. Must bring him to Singapore Zoo in near future.

First trip to Zoo (Melaka Zoo) - Part 1/3

Welcome to Zoo Melaka
This is Aloysius first trip to the Zoo. He is extremely existed there. See his face you'll know.

Cute Little Guy
Animals there mostly looks like this... Sleep dead
And you'll find that there is a lot of cows there. Like this is a cow farm
Better view for Aloysius

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well, because of all the reason we wanted to put a fish tank in our house. So we're off to the fish shop. See how exiting Aloysius is....
Looking Around
This is the equipment we get... Cause RM110 only...
When the fish just got home
The water is like so so so dirty
After few hours later
After 10 days.. ha ha... there is quite some changes.. added 2 more fish.. and some decoration

Da.. da.. Nice or not... welcome to visit (when i'm free)... ha ha ha...